About Neill

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“I’ve been incredibly lucky. I work in an industry I love, with people and subjects I care about. Not everyone can say that.”
Neill Watson

I help people, businesses and publishers by creating great content and improving their fortunes online and in print.A former professional photographer and before that, a career in the world of specialist car sales and motorsport marketing, my experiences and beliefs of creating long term relationships, of selling, writing and photography have all distilled very nicely into a Multi Tool of creative capability that clients hire for digital marketing.

My life-long love of the internal combustion engine is tempered by the knowledge that the future doesn’t involve it and our destiny is probably full electric. I’m making the most of the sound of the Mezger flat six, while at the same time, fascinated by the new technologies rapidly spreading across our world.

Not just in automotive terms, the modern digital world we live in is inspirational and allows a level of democracy as never before. In theory, we have ways to communicate, feed, clothe and protect everyone. We have few excuses. We simply need to grasp the opportunities that are right there before us.

I have a firm belief that the future is an exciting place to consider and that today is an exciting time to be writing, marketing and producing content.

It is a fascinating journey we all face, both technically and socially.

The Long Biography Written in The Third Party

Neill spent more than a decade in specialist car sales, selling high profile brands and rising to become one of the UK’s top Lexus salesmen.

Neill spent a period in the brutal world of motorsport management followed, which anyone will tell you is a challenging marketplace. He found it a formative and fascinating experience. Though often a painful one.

A period as a successful professional photographer, writer and race track instructor followed before the social media and digital transformation occurred that suddenly gave Neill’s diverse skill set the perfect platform.

Today, brands and clients want the same content and skills of writing, marketing and contect creation for their own social media and marketing platforms that editorial outlets had booked Neill for and so Winward Media was founded.

There is a huge, massive upheaval occurring in the world today. For many, it is an excuse to complain, bury their heads in the sand and remain complacent. Others see it as a huge, massive democratisation that removes the gatekeepers and empowers the world. For Neill and the people he works with, it is an opportunity that has never before occurred in the history of humanity.

The journey we are on is an amazing one.