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The Day I Met Chris Garrett

A good friend of mine once said to me, “I’ll talk to anyone for five minutes. You never know who you’re going to meet and where it will lead. After five minutes, I can always excuse myself.” He was a very successful businessman with the attention span of a five year old, but his comment […]

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Mr Hi Res Vest & Colleagues

This video is around 16 minutes long. OK, I know, YouTube viewers get bored after 2 minutes, but watch it right through, it’s good. The video documents what happened when six professional photographers and accompanying videographers set out into London to photograph in a public place. It documents the two parties that are the bane […]

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Watermarks? I hate em…

I removed watermarks from all of the images in my portfolio last year. I’m not a fan, I believe it degrades from the impact of the image and smacks of a petty mindedness on the photographer’s part, a Scrouge-like mentality that EVERY usage must be paid for with a big fat fee, which isn’t what […]

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Car Magazines and Video – part 2

My posting on car magazine websites and video content certainly generated interest. Many writers I spoke with and indeed one publisher reckoned it summed up the way they were feeling, but they also felt I was being a little harsh – not all videos are bad. Indeed, that’s true, so to put the record straight, […]

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Professional Photography Survival – The Viewpoints

I’ve been a little lax with my blog this month, partly due to the fact that I’ve been travelling in Sweden, so sorry I didn’t get the monthly calendar shot online. However, sitting recharging batteries and catching up, I checked out the latest entry on Chase Jarvis’ blog about photographers and survival and was struck […]

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When Working For Free is a Winner

In December, I wrote about Strobist’s blog entry on working for free and the flurry of comments it created. At the time, I said that I’d find the time in January to write about a time when working for free has worked out for me, so here’s one….

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