Feature Writing / Blog Content

Portrait by Tim Andrew

I‘m based in the UK, writing about and photographing cars for publishers both in print and online. Cars and driving are my first loves, but I’ve also covered aviation, homes and buildings and indeed, I’m happy to go anywhere and feature anything.

It’s an interesting time to be writing about cars and transportation. There’s a fundamental change going on that will transform the face of motoring for ever over the next decade. The impact these new technologies are having on our society is already being felt and while I’m as big a supercar lover as the next person, there’s no doubt that the internal combustion engine’s days are numbered.

While I specialise in writing complete features for motoring publications worldwide, the fast changing nature of digital publication finds me writing anything from a 2500 word feature through a 500 word blog post to a series of 160 character tweets.

With a long career in the specialist car industry, competition experience in rallying and race track instruction plus a lifelong love of all thing s aviation, I write with knowledge, passion and conviction on the subjects. I’ve told readers about such diverse subjects as driving a Lamborghini LP640 at 200mph, driving on frozen lakes in Sweden and being caught speeding in France. I’ve met everyone from World Champions of Formula One and traffic police perfecting TPAC driving to rock star drift car drivers and flown formation aerobatics with world class pilots. The new media technologies are just as fascinating as the new cars we’ll soon be driving and I find the flexibility of new media and exciting place to be.

If you love a Cosworth V8 as much as a Merlin V12 and admire the late Ray Hanna as much as Sir Stirling, then we’re on the same page. My childhood love of cars, driving and all things flying has never abated and I continue to love the internal combustion engine, the turbine, the hybrid and indeed any lovely buildings I happens across. Indeed, an admiration for 1930′s Art Deco architecture means my own dream home would be a pure white, 1930′s airfield control tower, something that on occasion concerns those around me …