Watermarks? I hate em…

I removed watermarks from all of the images in my portfolio last year. I’m not a fan, I believe it degrades from the impact of the image and smacks of a petty mindedness on the photographer’s part, a Scrouge-like mentality that EVERY usage must be paid for with a big fat fee, which isn’t what I’m all about. Seeing your work being used, a lot, is very satisfying and I never used to use photo watermark software

Anoying, distracting watermarks - I hate them...

So why have I re-introduced them?

Sadly, because within a few short months, I discovered my work appearing all over the internet on commercial websites whose owners really should know better. You’d think it a good thing and I should be flattered that my work is used elsewhere, but that isn’t the point, so here’s my viewpoint:

Want to see my work without a watermark? No problem. Want to talk to me about work, but want to see some high resolution images? No problem. Drop me a line and talk to me about your project. I’ll create a selection of work that I think fits in with your ideas and we can get together and work out some figures.

Want to use my work on your company website or your blog? No problem, here’s my rules:

If you’re a not-for-profit blogger, a car or photography enthusiast and want to use an image, I’m very flattered. You’ll be able to find it in my archive. All you need to do are two things:

1. Drop me a line and ask. It’s polite and if it’s a non-commercial use, it’s rare that I’ll say no.

2. Link back to me and credit the image. Simply add the words “copyright Neill Watson’ below the image and link back to me at http://www.neillwatson.com. fill out this form, drop me a line and I’ll send over a watermark-free, web resolution image for you. All I ask is for you to credit me as the creator and link back to my site. To link back, simply copy and paste the code below:

Image – NeillWatson.com

If you’re a commercial company and want to use my work, online or in print, I really appreciate it. Drop me a line with your ideas and we can figure out a usage fee. You can read more about how I price my work on this page. It’s a really simple system that uses a simple formula for a fee based upon the use – Little use = little fee, larger use = larger fee.
If you’re an experiened buyer of imagery, you’ll be totally at home with the system. If you’ve never used photography before, don’t worry, drop me a line and we’ll talk you through it.



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  1. says

    yip watermarks are a necessary evil i am also flattered when people use my photos but also equally pissed off when i see them used out of context and re watermarked albeit credit given.

    I have also had my images cropped and stolen frustrating times ahead.

  2. says

    I recognize myself, with watermark, without watermark, with watermark…My niece today told me that she thought that if there was no watermark on an image on internet that it wasn’t copyright protected. She is going to university therefore must have a minimum of intelligence. So I think there must be loads of people out there assuming this.