The One Content Marketing Idea That Nearly All Business Owners Miss

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Creating great content can be hard.

I have regular discussions with business owners who understand the value of blogging and online content marketing. They are enthusiastic about the value it can bring, but also cautious. Because the one thing everyone, without exception, says is “We will never find that many things to write about.”

Followed by “Nobody will want to read about us.”

They worry that, a few weeks in, they will run out of content, subjects to write about, things to discuss.

You see, there is one, single rule that above all the things I say to people about content writing and digital marketing holds true, everywhere I go. No matter whether you are a tourism destination, a motorsport team, a holiday cottage or even someone like me, a freelance writer and content creator.

And the one thing is this.

Things that you find unremarkable, that are every day occurrences in your work, other people, particularly your target audience, find fascinating.

And sometimes, I’m guilty of this too.

Take this actual blog post as an example. This mantra is something I have told clients many times over across the years. And yet here I am putting it down as a blog article for the very first time. Wouldn’t you think that I should have written this one by now? See, I’m guilty. I only realised this just recently when I was having that chat with a client and it clicked when they said, “That’s really interesting, have you written an article about it yet yourself?” Err… No.

Some clients I work with have what they consider to be ‘boring’ industries. They may not be sexy, shiny products or exciting destination, but that really doesn’t matter. Neil Patel wrote this great article all about using content marketing for a boring industry.

He hits the nail on the head by saying:

“There’s no such thing as a boring industry, Just bad writers who aren’t creative.”

Neil also points out that creating volumes of lightweight content with little relevance to the core business in the hope of attracting backlinks simply won’t work. So there’s more to it than just making people laugh or posting pictures of cats.

Content marketing is more than just pictures of cats….

Here is just one example of a way to take what may sound a boring product and attract potential customers.

Exhaust a Fix are a car exhaust company with a difference. While they compete locally in the fast fit exhaust market alongside the big national chains, this small family owned business can help customers in other ways too. We had a brain storming session with the guys who deal with customers each day and one thing stood out. A small, boring product that didn’t cost a great deal of money was actually one of their top sellers. And best of all, customers really didn’t know what it was, what it did or where to find a place to get it fixed.

It is called a Flexi pipe and in today’s newer cars it is an integral part of the whole exhaust. When it fails, the large dealers will tell you that the whole exhaust needs replacing. We wrote a series of articles. They firstly explained what a Flexi pipe was, how to know when it had failed, why their main dealer wouldn’t be able to fix it and above all, how the staff at Exhaust A Fix could fix it for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

It was a great article to write, simply because at a stroke, we hit the target audience with something they genuinely found interesting and useful, it ranked well on Google search because it was written to explain the component. And it was also what I call ‘anchor content’. One of the evergreen articles that are as relevant today as they were a couple of years ago.

And the thing is, it was a simple, unremarkable component that they handle each and every day.

Even a boring product and be interesting if you get a little creative

So, when you take a look around your business and search out subjects to create content marketing about, balance that with considering who your target audience is and how you can reach them by creating an article on the subject.

Your objective when you find one of these everyday things is to firstly create an interesting blog post and secondly use it to position yourself as an expert on this niche. And above all, you need to write it in a way that reaches your targets. And this may not be your existing audience, especially for this next example, an aviation museum.

Work Out Who Your Audience Really Is

The good thing about aviation museums is that they are visually stimulating. So it should be pretty easy to write a whole series of articles that talk about aviation quite quickly, right? Well of course, Yorkshire Air Museum have almost fifty aircraft, some of which are world famous and unique, so there’s no shortage of content material.

But, here is an example of how you need to consider who you are trying to reach before you start.

When we began to study the target audience in detail, we realised that heavy duty, technical content wouldn’t work for them. Many people consider that a typical visitor would be an intensely knowledgable aviation enthusiast. And indeed they do visit the museum and are passionate about aviation history. But in fact, more than 80% of the museum visitors are family visitors.

More than just an air museum. One of Yorkshire’s leading tourist attractions

They have a more general view of aviation history and also have a whole different set of needs. The chances are they are wondering what the kids will think, whether Grandad will really like it and also whether the ladies will prefer to just sit in the car and wait.

By creating a series of articles that addressed these issues, such as explaining how families can have a great day out and also learn about history, family visitor numbers have been steadily increasing. We continue to work to create more in depth content for the more informed enthusiast visitor and for that a section called “Journal” was launched.

But above all, most of the things we were writing about were everyday occurrences in the Museum’s daily life. The hard work of the volunteers, the events that attracted the most amazing war veterans in remarkably fine health, the historic location itself, all transpire to make this museum one of Yorkshire’s top tourist destinations.

As for me. Well, I really need to busy myself writing more content like this. My previous post on my good fortune of being mentored by those who care about customers was a surprisingly popular read. So I’m guilty of my own rules. That I didn’t think people would be interested. Yet they were.

Do you want to embark on the journey of content marketing in your business, but don’t know how to start? Drop me a line and start the conversation. We can go from there.

Author: Neill Watson

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