Sir Stirling Moss Print Sells for £1600

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The Sir Stirling Moss and The Blonde print is now firmly established as an iconic motorsport memorabilia print and has proved a great gift for many collectors. When The Signature Store and I first discussed creating the limited edition print, we knew that over time, they would become a collectable item. It’s one of my favourite images and always sells steadily as an unsigned edition. Add in the endorsement of Sir Stirling Moss, his signature and a limited production of just fifty copies, we knew they would be popular Stlring Moss prints.


But what surprised us all was what happened when one of the Stirling Moss prints was put into an open auction by Silverstone Auctions on 23rd May this year. I’d heard anecdotal information that some of the prints had been changing hands, hearing of one selling for around £500 at a small auction. But when a significantly motivated buyer wanted to own a print for personal reasons, thing got very exciting in the room. The hammer dropped at a final sale price of £1600, plus commission, making the final figure £1880….. See Silverstone Auctions results page here

We know that several prominent motorsport and media personalities have the print in their collection, so if you were one of the buyers of this edition print, congratulations, you’re in good company. It’s pretty safe to say that should you decide to part with your investment, you’ll see a significant return. Friends and colleagues have asked me what my cut is of the sale, but sadly, I wasn’t the person with the foresight to enter the print at the auction.

If you’re regretting not buying, fear not. We’re currently working on some more edition prints that we’re pretty sure you’ll be excited about when you see them in the near future. We also have two Artists Proofs prints for sale here, though once they’re sold, that will be it. And to the prominent buyer at the Silverstone sale, congratulations, I’m sure you have in mind the perfect place to display it.

Author: Neill Watson

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