Photography Portfolios

This series of portfolio images shows not just the specialist areas that Neill works in, but also the way in which what appear to be different subjects are actually not that different at all. All too often, we are photographing cars in and around buildings and from the air. Those same buildings and locations are often amazing subjects in their own right. And of course, the people who work in and create both the cars and the buildings are also depicted in our images. Finally, the best car photographs have a great landscape as the foundation of them. You can probably see a pattern developing here….

Aerial Photography

aerial-photographer-16Aerial Photography has so many diverse uses that it’s impossible to pigeon hole our clients. Whether created in conjunction with ground based photography or commissioned on it’s own, the common requirement of all aerial photography clients is a desire to give a unique view of their subject. Owners of prestige properties or commercial property looking to sell find aerial photography gives impact to sales presentations, while architects and owners of newly built projects use aerial images to showcase their work.
Aerial Photography Portfolio

Architectural Photography

architectural-photographerA fascination with buildings, the construction process and a personal soft spot for the Art Deco style of building means that we are constantly seeking new projects to document. This could be for the owner, the creators or for a monthly homes and interiors publisher. OIf course, great locations are the cornerstone of many a great car photograph, so this section also includes some of the locations we’ve seen or used on our travels.

Buildings & Places

Automobiles & Machines

aston-martin-dbs-james-bond-hillerThis is a surprisingly diverse area and covers subjects such as trucks, aircraft, snow mobiles, shipping, car ferries and logging trucks in Scandinavia. Beyond that, as you’ll see below, we love to cover other subjects including buildings, architecture and interiors.

Automotive Portfolio


Neither cars nor buildings would be possible or useful without people. While we do’t shoot weddings and social photography, it’s inevitable that where there are cars and buildings, there are interesting people to be photographed.


Personal Projects and That iPhone

Years ago, I used to carry around a tiny Minox 35mm camera. Moving to digital around 2001, my weapon of choice was the amazing little Canon Ixus 2mp camera. Today, the omnipresent iPhone is the tool used by so many people. This gallery is an ongoing, constantly replaceable collection of my favourite shots. Not available for commercial use as they could well have been shot on absolutely any camera I might have had in my hand at the time, so no technical guarantees for a double page spread!
iPhone Images