We live in exciting times for both content creators and business owners. Traditional paper publishing models are transforming into multi-media channels and business owners are now seeing the benefits of creating their own content and engaging with their customers in new ways.

These new technologies enable us to tell stories in exciting ways and hold reader’s interests, creating content they find interesting, useful, shareable. Today, Neill’s clients are no longer simply editorial publishers, but website and business owners looking for ways to help their customers and hold their attention. Below are some of the ways we work with clients to improve their businesses and marketing.


From 140 character tweets to 3,000 word features, Neill writes about cars, technology, aviation and architecture, but will travel almost anywhere and write about many other subjects. You can read more about how this came to be here, or read his regular blog where he writes about his life.

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Content Creation

An all encompassing term, but simply, we use content marketing ideas to help businesses become experts in their respective area. Content marketing brings together the many aspects of Neill’s experience – writing, photography, SEO, video and helps clients engage with their customers. His marketing brand, Octane Factory, designs websites and helps clients maintain interest in their digital marketing.

Film and Photography

Neill was a professional photographer from 2001 for more than a decade. Today, this experience often finds him not behind the camera, but producing or directing films and photo shoots. Film making is a collaborative effort and while it took a while for him to give up the viewfinder, it’s simply amazing what can be achieved with a small, dedicated team.

Website Design

Through Winward Media, Neill works with clients to create website designs that truly work. The combination of common sense design, usability and above all, content and copy that is relevant to both search engines and human beings makes Neill in demand for website development work.