Driver Coaching Courses and Track Instruction

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For more than a decade, I have worked on tracks and other surfaces across the UK and Europe. This has included working with event management companies, driving experience event companies, ice driving venues.

An ever increasingly frequent contact is with owners of high performance cars. They are keep to learn new driving skills and are looking for someone to provide safe, enthusiastic coaching. If you are the owner of a performance car wanting to learn more, or you require professional, enthusiastic driving services, here are some of the ways I can help.

Develop your track driving skills with individual coaching from Neill Watson.

There is a distinct difference between ‘track instruction’ and ‘coaching’. If you’ve experienced instruction that goes “Do this, do that” and “No, not there, brake there…” you were probably able to obey the ‘instruction’.

But the chances are, you were left with little understanding of the reasoning behind what you were being asked to do.

I have several decades of experience in the motorsport and high performance car industry and work regularly on tracks across the UK and Europe, either on events, driving for motoring features or with clients on personal driver coaching sessions. My style of driver coaching is based on the same analytical style I’ve acquired to write in depth motoring features.

high performance driver coaching courses in advanced supercars including Ferrari 458, Porsche 911 and front wheel drive performance cars
From the passenger seat - Ferrari 458 Italia, Prodrive proving ground, Warwickshire, UK

Bespoke Driver Coaching

All the very best sportsmen in the world have coaches.

Golfers. tennis players, footballers all have a coach to constantly improve their skills. Driving is no different.

Formula One World Champions have a driver coach. He’s the shadow at the rear of the pit garage, not often seen on the pit wall. If you desire to learn more about your car, enjoy the performance safely and get more enjoyment out of your track driving, I can help.

I specialise in helping owners of high performance cars become more confident in their track driving abilities, learning new skills and constantly developing more speed, but with bigger margins of safety that ever.

For competitors with specialist needs, such as chassis setup, aerodynamic grip tuition and other specific skills, I have contacts and can recommend the very best coaches in those areas.

Driver Coaching Courses

‘Instruction’ in it’s basic form does have value, particularly when the occasion is a corporate driving event with drivers having less interest in acquiring skills and simply want to have fun. But ‘driver coaching’ is of far greater value to enthusiastic drivers wishing to acquire knowledge. By gaining a thorough understanding of the principles behind the task, the knowledge and the thinking that produced the results can be taken away and used again and again. For me, that is the aim of personal driver coaching.

All drivers are different and everyone should be encouraged to develop their own ‘style’ of driving. Instead of imposing a set of rigid, right or wrong, rules, I’d rather work to bring out your inherent preferences in driving and develop them further in conjunction with a thorough understanding of your car and it’s characteristics. For more details contact me for an informal chat on +44(0)7812 766760 or fill out the contact form and I’ll get right back to you.

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