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#Porsche - the life long love of the Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is a subject close to my heart. As someone who has spent a large slice of his working life in the automotive and motorsport industries, I have become largely immune from the attraction of the latest performance cars. After a while, they all merge into one. The Porsche 911 is different.

I write regularly for Porsche publications and have been incredibly fortunate to have been trusted with the keys to a great many Porsches. From early, air cooled cars weighing less tan 1,000kgs through to the very latest technical masterpieces.

I've also developed a skill for explaining to Porsche 911 owners how to get the very best from their beloved cars on track.

So what makes the Porsche 911 so addictive? Read this blog posts below to gain a more through understanding. Some people never 'get it'. They're forever puzzled by the strange car with the engine theoretically in the wrong place.

For those who do 'click' with the Porsche 911, it's a life long journey of ownership, great drives, meeting great people and continually learning more about how to get the best from yourself and your car.

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