The Sound of Electricity

electric car sound generator

A couple of years ago now, I was booked for some work with a batch of electric Smart cars. Very much the early generation of car at the time, their Nickel Hydride battery packs didn’t like the cold and the range was just 60 miles or so. They were prototypes, designed as ‘proof of concept’….

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Lola F5000 T140 historic racing car car to car tracking shot

Lola F5000 Track Test – Rattling the Windows

This was a self assigned photo shoot and feature for Historic Racer online magazine. Sometimes, you don’t have the time to wait around for a magazine editor to give the nod, you’ve just got to go and do it. My good friend McKenna was due to shake down this beautifully restored Lola F5000 racing car…

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Mark Levison Lexus NX300h sound with Clari Fi

Clari-Fi Technology. The Return of Valve Amps and Vinyl?

I love my iPhone and my iTunes music. It’s convenient, I slip it in my pocket and take everything anywhere I wish. But of course, I know that the MP3’s it contains are a shadow of the quality that the original recording contained. I miss my parent’s old Cambridge radio with it’s valves and rich…

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unguessable passwords

How to Generate Unguessable Passwords and Never Forget Them

Working on some content for a clients website recently, I asked them to ping me over their WordPress Admin login. “Oh, it’s just the same as the others” was the reply. I’d done several sessions of work that included helping set up iCloud, Twitter, Facebook pages and other elements of his online business to help…

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The Dying Art of The Manual Gearshift

It was truly heartening to spend the day recently at Blyton Park with the owner of a Ferrari F430 Spyder who had gone to great lengths to track down his perfect car. Nothing unusual there, I know you’re thinking. Most people in the market for a Ferrari don’t just buy the first car they see….

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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

It can sometimes be difficult creating fresh locations when writing about and photographing cars, especially the more collectable ones. Unlike Press Cars, who’s objective in life is ideally to be driven far and wide, written about and photographed as often as possible, all too frequently, owners of the rarer, collectable cars don’t want to travel…

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RAF pilot checks over his Jaguar jet before flight

The Eyes of a Fast Jet Pilot

You don’t often see the eyes of a fast jet pilot. They’re nearly always hidden and anonymously cool, either behind a suitably chic pair of aviator shades, or the ominous Star Wars sinister smoked visor of the helmet as they taxi by, engines whistling at Ground Idle taxi setting. But sometimes, you get an idea…

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